Beautiful apps without any programming.
Literary you have to write NO CODE!

Our easy to use control panel allows for beautiful app design, customization, and functionality across a broad range of mobile devices.

Watch here how easy and fast it is to create apps with Apps Machine. Video of complete app creating process.

Instantly update your app online

Update your apps content or appearance whenever you'd like using your control panel.

Modify content inside your app without having to send your app for a lengthy update with Apple or Google.

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Design of your app is completely to you, our control panel and live preview help you with few clicks to decide what color or image you will use on every element in your app.

You choose design of top bar, tab bar, backgrounds, icons, logo, etc. Apps Machine has all those features: menu buttons, list menus, html screens, contact cards, photo effects, interactive quizzes, send camera photos, send prefilled sms, timers,photo galleries, stream music/video,game center integrated, RSS feeds, location/driving maps, search menus, notepad, login screens, splash screens, blogs, pdf docs, word docs, excel docs, html docs, send prefilled e-mails, in-app purchases, launch native apps, rate app and a lot more!
  • App Blogs

  • App Rate

  • Call Us Screen

  • Camera email

  • Circle Menus

  • Custom URL#1

  • Custom URL#2

  • Custom URL#3

  • Design Menu

  • Device Info

  • Draw

  • Excel doc

  • Game Center

  • Grid Menu#1

  • HTML doc

  • Image Gallery

  • Quizes

  • Apps Launcher

  • List Menu

  • Login Screen

  • Maps

  • Grid Menu#2

  • Notes

  • Password scr

  • PDF doc

  • Photo Effects

  • Power Point

  • RSS feed

  • Search App

  • Send email

  • Share or Send SMS

  • Share via email

  • Stopwatch Timer

  • Tweet scr

  • Voice Recording

  • Word doc